Tuesday, October 26, 2010


FINALLY. After years and years of debating and contemplating...i have my life figured out. I'm gonna get in shape/get abs, get on The Amazing Race...and win a million dollars. DONE. (*I do not claim ownership to images used. They belong to their respective owners).

The world knows I have a habit of making empty promises to myself. The trend is I would get extremely excited about things and never following through with them...i.e, learning the piano, writing a screenplay, biking, 1/2 marathon-ing, cooking, waking up at 8am everyday, yoga, blogging (ha!), to name a few. And no, it doesn't help my case that my track record shows my commitment to these interests lasted no longer than 2.3 nano seconds...BUT THIS TIME IT'S REAL!

All jokes aside, The Amazing Race is EVERYTHING i've ever wanted- Adventure, travel, bonding, challenges, race, being on tv...and oh, u know, a million dollars! One might even say that it is all that is "amazing" (pun intended) together in one. Being on The Amazing Race would (warning, cheesy cliche) be a dream come true...so yes, this time...it's on b*tches! Growing up as a sheltered, only-child of the most paranoid, Vietnamese mother ever, The Amazing Race is that ultimate life experience I've been so desperately searching for! I want to see the world! better yet, i want to see the world in 2 weeks! I want to zip line through the Amazon, build a school in Africa, climb the Great Wall of China, jump off the Empire State Building, get lost driving stick shift around Paris, eat yellow snow in the North Pole...i dont care, everything! and I want to do this with my best friend, Thong. This is me proving to myself and the rest of the world that if one, no...I, am committed enough, and dream harder than ever...then...well, there will be no spoiler here ;)

The Game Plan: Thong and I are gonna be training hardcore. Finishing The Amazing Race isn't gonna be a walk in the park...but i am determined to push my limits. I am going to go where my fears and doubts have never allowed me to go- yes, im gonna ride roller coasters, cut soda and bacon from my diet (eventually) and im gonna do 10 REAL push ups and 3 pull ups! You wait and see!! The Amazing Race #19!!

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  1. So I think I got an angle: "Best friends who can't stand each other"
    Ya? I think it'll stick out in a crowd for sure.