Friday, March 25, 2011

RANDOM: Seriously, lets not be lazy!

Ok, when i started this blog, i promised myself and the world that i would be keeping up with this and! Man, did i fail! I do have to apologize to all of my TWO followers for the disappointment. Matt and An, when i finally now, that you guys actually "followed" gave me the motivation to write. So really, this entry happened all because of you. I "less than three" you guys :). With that said, THONG, i know you read my blogs. Jerk, thanks for following me! if a gal can't even depend on her best friend...who can she turn to?!

In all seriousness, this blogging thing should come easy to me no? cuz i mean, i'm a weirdo with random thoughts all the time and i'm also kinda psycho. that and the fact that i live in LA and am surrounded by A-holes; work in a restaurant, and have to serve those same axact A-holes; not to mention that i'm always angry. and lets face it, i HATE people. period. no sugar exception. i just hate people. One would think that i'd have all the materials in the world to blog. and more often. man...i am THAT lazy. I guess i have a new goal for 2011- to become less lazy. where do i start...? argh...too lazy to think.

---- ok, thanks for reading!---- (i gotta come up with a better chstick) but first, im gonna need to learn how to spell "shtick." ooh, done!

(i totally downloaded that picture above from the web. it doesn't belong to me and i don't claim that it does. although, i could've easily taken the same exact picture because the toilet paper in my restroom is EXACTLY like that...but i was too lazy to get up :P)

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  1. If I knew how to follow you I would. You're not the only lazy one.