Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion is to me...

a form of expression; an extension of personality; a way of life...

When I decided to create a blog, I wanted it to be more personal like a journal, rather than one focusing on a theme. But when i thought about it, it won't be personal to me...unless it talks about fashion :)

I came across this photo and was just so captivated by it. It may not seem like it, but I've always considered myself a dreamer. I dream of adventure, of travel, of fame, of sophistication, of culture, of encounters beyond my imagination, of movie-like romance, and the list will go on for days!! And if you were to freeze frame an image from my dream life...this would be it. The Parisian backdrop, La Boulangerie, the puppy, the chic at it's best no?
(I do not claim ownership of the photo. It belongs to it's rightful owner.)

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  1. You wanna be an anorexic looking girl with a muppet?